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No More Tweets on your Windows Live Profile ?

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Its been a while since Windows Live offered many Services that you can integrate with your Windows Live Profile. Among the services were facebook, twitter*, myspace, wordpress, blogger and many more. Basically what this does is you can connect your Live Profile with the ability to aggregate updates from third-party services.

If you are already using these services and moreover if you have added twitter to the Service list,you might have noticed that twitter feeds are missing and you cant edit or change twitters Windows Live Settings. For those of you who didn’t had twitter were not even able to add it to the profile.

Yesterday Microsoft claimed that the issue was due to a Change of Policy by Twitter and the Live Team is working on with Twitter to solve the matter. So missing tweets, not able to add twitter ? there’s nothing to worry and nothing we can do about it. Lets hope that the Windows Live team will quickly be able to get the work done with Twitter.

Below is the mail that the existing users of Twitter on Windows Live will get these days.

Windows Live Newsletter

Dear Windows Live Customer,

Thank you for connecting your social networks and other services with Windows Live. We are contacting you because you have added your Twitter feed to Windows Live and we want to notify you of an upcoming change.

Beginning June 30, 2010 your tweets will no longer be automatically imported from Twitter and shared out to your Windows Live Messenger friends due to policy changes made by Twitter. We are working hard with Twitter to make this service available again and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

We remain focused on making Hotmail, Messenger, and your PC with Windows great companions to social networks and other services. This change has no impact on your ability to connect Windows Live with our other 75+ other social networks and other service partners, which include Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr, and more.

The Windows Live Team


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June 30, 2010 at 5:41 am

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