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Something went wrong error with Office 365 Pro Plus installation

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I encountered a case where the client had Office 2013 Home Premium installation on her desktop. She was on Office 365 SBP subscription and wanted to get the Office 365 Pro Plus which was already in the plan to be installed on the machine. So I described the methods of uninstalling and doing the installation. She was able to do a clean uninstall and trying to install the Office 365 Pro Plus from the O365 Software page. The Click-to-Run installer started the installation and popped up with the error

Something went wrong. We ran into a problem…“.

Sorry we ran into a problem

After receiving this she called me up.

1. At first i thought it might be an internet connectivity problem but it was perfect so that’s out of the question.

2. Then there was another situation that I have come across where there is/are multiple Office installation processes running together.

3.  Next wanted to make sure that Office Home Premium was completely uninstalled and yes by the looks it was, there were no references  in the control panel. No ‘Click-to-Run nor any other Office 2013’ installations were present in the list.

4. Then went on checking the Task Manager to see if there were any processes or tasks where any ‘Microsoft Office’ related one’s running.

5.  And after all of these, did so many restarts and tried to proceed with the installation but still getting the same error. Seemed like i was out of luck i landed on the used the given “Fix It” tool and ran it successfully. Did a restart to be sure everything is scrapped out.


6. Tried downloading and running the O365 Pro Plus but bam! still getting the error. So I went through the Microsoft Guide on removing the tid-bits manually. Still No Luck!

7. However, after that I did some deletions which were not mentioned on the above guide;

A. Removed the Registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office”

B. Deleted “Microsoft Office 15” folder(s) from these locations “%Program Files%” and “%Program Files (x86)%\”

C. Restarted the machine.

Ta-Da!!!!!!  The installation went nice and smooth without a problem…

If you are having the same set of problems please do try this method. But Please make sure if you have additional Office installations, only delete the ‘15.0’ from the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\” and make sure to take a backup of the registry beforehand.

Let me know if this helped or not. 🙂



Written by judeperera

December 19, 2013 at 7:05 am