[New Release] Recover deleted items using M365 Exchange Admin Center

Users accidentally deleting emails can sometimes be a painstaking task for an administrator. Specially if you are in charge of 1000+ users and majority of them are not tech savvy. For the past few years Office 365, or Microsoft 365 as now we call it gave us two main options. First would be to use the Outlook client and the second would be to use PowerShell.

Finally, Microsoft has released the ability to “Recover deleted items” using the New M365 Exchange Admin Center.


  • The Exchange administrator account that will be used to recover the mail items needs to be assigned with the “Mailbox Import Export” permission. To do this, you can either create a new Role or modify an existing role and add the “Mailbox Import Export” to the permission list.
  • Once permissions are granted, wait for a few minutes, sign-off and sign-in again for the permissions to be active for your session
  • This will adhere to your deleted items retention policies placed within the organization or user level.

For the below demo, we’ll look at the below users Deleted Items folder.

Now that we know what items will be recovered, let’s head to the Exchange Admin Center and see how the recovery is done.

  1. Login to the all-new Exchange Admin Center : https://admin.exchange.microsoft.com
  2. Navigate to Recipients > Mailboxes
  3. Select the user that you wish to recover the items from, click on the three dots (more options) and select Recover deleted items.

  4. Once you are in the Recover deleted items page, adjust the filters as you wish and click Apply filter. As you can see, all mail items are visible in the search results that’s also visible in the users Deleted Items folder from his personal login.

  5. Now to recover, you can either select a single entry, multiple entries or all items and click on the Recover deleted items button.

  6. The email item will now be restored to the Original folder as displayed in the above result summary.

And you are done!

Microsoft has really worked this feature out in terms of user-friendliness with the new EAC. This is just one feature and in the future posts, I will demo the ret of the new additions. Give this a try and share your thoughts.