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A quite spectacular phenomena was observed last week in and around the city of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. It was another busy day in the city capitol. Couple of clicks away however witnesses, majority of them locals literally started seeing  ‘people jumping from tall buildings’.  On the other hand, for Gary Cunningham and his team, it was the end of an years long await to go make this extreme, scary, rad phenomenon.

Jumping off of buildings is scary. It kills you! However humans do have a tendency to taking things to the next level. So, say hello to BASE jumping: Jumping off of tall buildings with a parachute, so you land safely without getting killed or severely injuring yourself. BASE, the word itself has a meaning. (B)uilding (A)ntenna (S)pan (E)arth or a cliff! Unlike skydiving you need to have good level of experience, understanding and luck on your side since you are not jumping into the clear skies. What surrounds you can be your worst enemy.

BASE is considered as an extreme sport. Some do it for passion, hobby, career and as a sport. And due to the cautious nature of it, not every country allows you do practice this freely. There are however some with exceptions(more on that in another article). Therefore not likely that you get to jump as you wish.

In 2001, inspired by a previous initiative of Aziz Ahmad and his team, Malaysia witnessed its first ever ‘KL International Tower Jump’. And after 14 years, Gary Cunningham, president of Australian BASE Association has taken the role to keep up the tradition and organizing this event. The jumps take place from the open deck area 300m above ground-zero.

The event is limited participation only therefore calls in for applications for jumpers from around the world that has to have the following primary requirement:

looking for experienced BASE jumpers BASE jumpers that have consistently demonstrated good judgement with a sensible and cautious approach towards BASE jumping. Applicants will only be considered once they have completed at least 120 BASE jumps, have made at least 20 BASE jumps within the previous 12 months, and have been actively BASE jumping for at least 2 years.

After a rigorous selection, around 100 base jumpers were selected which included several pro jumpers as well. The event lasts for 4 days that include 3 nights (26th– 29th Sept.) followed by a ‘compulsory’ briefing session on 25th.

Each day, jumpers get to showcase what they do best, Jump, and do it in Style! One interesting item was Miles Daisher and Jason Moledzkis Wingsuit BASE jump. The wingsuit enables more surface area so the flyer can gain lift while cruising. It was reported that some made it around 30 jumps a day. The total number of jumps made throughout the event is not yet confirmed but assuming last year’s performance it is expected to be 2000+.

Until next year, checkout the some of the moments captured from the event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Image/Video Credits: Kate Cooper-Jensen,  ,KL Tower Official, Haziq Azlan, DanielC, Manaweblife, ntonstudio


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October 1, 2014 at 6:51 am

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