Offline Installer for Windows Live Essentials 2011 beta

It made quite  a buzz for  most of the Live Essentials beta users  to see that the Essentials Installer was an online one. Unlike previous betas and versions there were no Offline  Installer(not even a torrent). It was really annoying knowing that each time you want to do something and re-install the Essentials suite, you have to go through the entire Online process which for me  took a huge time  as I’m having a 512kbps line over here.

I was about to install the Essentials 2011 beta again after doing a format. To my surprise i saw this tweet by Ed Bott.

Looking for a full offline installer for Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta? I’ve found it:

It links to an ZDNet article by Ed Bott on how to get the links for an Offline Installer, which again you should redirect your self to a Windows Live Solution Center Article. The Links on that page aren’t click-able, therefore requires you to manually enter the link on the  Address bar and download. Here are the Links for the Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 beta Offline Installer.

Languages Code Link
English EN
Spanish ES
French FR
Japanese JA
Dutch NL
Portuguese (Brazil) PT-BR
Chinese (Simplified) ZH-ZN

Credit for Ed Bott for the news


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