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What to do When Forwarding an email.

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Everyone of us Forwards e-mails, and about 98% of email Forwarders just simply Forward them without any hesitation on what’s in the content.

On the Left is a short intro on the typical mail chain. Suppose the Scammer is the person who sends the email at first, He puts some nice pictures or some attractive things that     will make you forward the email to your friends, then this happens with your friend also, and so on, until the email contains something like this in its Header.

Now Suppose the Email Scammer or Email Hunter gets one of these emails, He has pretty much thousands of emails in the list.

So your emails are now in a list of a person that you haven’t even seen or anything.

What can he do with them ?

The answer is, Pretty much ANYTHING related to emails.

He may use them for Frauds, Spamming, as Bait, Advertising etc. and the worst part is there are people who Sell Email addresses! Advertising Companies are looking for emails and they are willing to purchase a list of 100+ email addresses for 10bucs.









So What Do I Have to Do ?

Simply When you Forward an email, Please take some time to delete the past records/traces of emails. So that the email you sent has no Visual emails in it self.



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October 1, 2009 at 6:46 pm

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